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    The smile of your most beatiful days...

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    La confetteria del Cuore

    Gives taste to your parties...

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    La Confetteria del Cuore

    Always very responsive toward the development of innovative quality products!

    La nuova gamma che proponiamo con oltre cento tipi di confetti ne è la prova...

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Additional information

Offices and premises of Amarichia are in Caivano , inside the industrial area of Pascarola, a few km away from Caserta sud exit on the highway A1. How to reach us.

For further information about us please go on the main menu to the pargraph Our company.  Download the brochure of our company.

Our company

La Confetteria del Cuore is a registered trade mark of Amarischia spa.

Zona Industriale Pascarola
80023 Caivano (NA)

Ph. +39 081 5289221 / +39 081 8808400
Fax +39 081 5288972 / +39 081 8349393


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