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Welcome to “la confetteria del cuore”!

Welcome to "la confetteria del cuore"!

Always very responsive toward the development of innovative quality products!

282px Sposi Saluto

We select the best valuable ingredients to make the wonderful line of Amarischia Dragees, in modern premises using innovative production processes that respect the environment:

grafica aforisma

history of the dragee 

Where was it invented? When it becomes the most famous party favor? Discover it with "La Confetteria del Cuore".


The origins of Dragees. Discover it in our Blog!

perfect Dragees Bar

The dragées bar, trendy and informal, to celebrate with friends and relatives the most beautiful events of our life. Discover how to set it up...

174px Confetti Matrimonio

How to set up a "dragées bar. Discover it in our Blog.

colours of Dragees

The colours of Dragées, a language that associate each colour to a special event.

confetti misti

"The colours of the Heart", discover colours and dragees of La Confetteria del Cuore.


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