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Our Factory


Caivano – Naples

Our Factory

Amarischia Spa shares a building of 20.000 sq.m. (13.000 sq.m. covered ) with the controlled Indaco. The factory, located in Caivano , near Naples, is a modern structure recently restored , close to the main network of roads, highways and rail.

The production division , is based on more lines , up to date for efficiency and environmental respect, granting the best standard for its brands “La Confetteria del Cuore “, Amarischia, Indaco, and for other international brands of which the group is licensee or exclusive manufacturer for one or more lines.

The machineries and tools are often made “on demand” and modified to make them more efficient compared to the standard’s. Yet , our respect for artisanal traditions on which the production of our classic products are based, is never replaced by the idea of “an industrial production “ to keep product as good as if home made. The ability to innovate in tradition is the strength point of Amarischia.


amarischia uffici con bassina

Our workers produce every day:

  •  Confetti;
  •  Chocolate;
  •  Confectionery Specialities;
  •  Candies;
  •  Tires;
  •  Liqueurs.

The production is exported to more than thirty countries, mostly in Europe, North America, North Africa and the Middle East, where it is stated as an example of quality of made in italy in confectionery field.

Internal operating procedures, rigidly observed, stricter then legal provisions or of those of third-party certification authorities, shall ensure that:


  •  quality of production process and   products;
  •  safety of insiders;
  •  respect for the environment;
  •  valorization of the territory.

Research and product development are promoted by a transversal team composed of internal and external resources to the Group (AMARISCHIA S.p.A. S.p.A and Indigo), thanks to the cooperation of consultants, The strategic objective is to build and strengthen a community of professionals and technicians able to ensure group companies with the skills necessary to respect the following carriers:

  •  security for the production personnel for the territory that hosts the Group's activities for consumers;
  •  TTM (time to market) significantly lower than industry benchmarks;
  •   exploitation of resourcese of the territory;
  •   reduction of impact on the environment;
  •   updating of skills and professionalism of human resources;
  •   development of the capacity for the  adjustment to  change.

Additional information

Registered Office of Amarichia is in ISCHIA (NA), Corso Vittoria Colonna 205.   

For further information about us please go on the main menu to the pargraph Our company.  Download the brochure of our company.

Our company

La Confetteria del Cuore is a registered trade mark of Amarischia spa.

Corso Vittoria Colonna 205
Ischia (NA) 

Ph. +39 081 5289221 / +39 081 8808400
Fax +39 081 5288972 / +39 081 8349393


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