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Our story

La Confetteria del cuore is the draghe and confections division of Amarischia S.p.A. a leading company from 3 generations in the production of typical and artisanal liqueurs.

Amarischia S.p.A. was founded in 1969 by Mr Arcangelo Cola, who planned to manufacture under this brand, a typical herbs liqueur , based on a very old recipe of a monk from Ischia island.

In the 1973, the company, thanks to the success of the AMARO Amarischia, decided to diversify its production, to adjust and improve its structure and start the production of…syrups and almond dragees of premium quality.

liquore amarischia

Two new brands:

Il giardino delle delizie, a brand that included all fruits liqueurs including the famous Limoncello, crème based liqueurs, amaretto, sambuca, dry liqueurs.

La Confetteria del Cuore, brands the production of Dragees (almond, chocolate , sugar pearls, dried fruits coated).

Step by step during the recent years Amarischia S.p.A. becomes a strong name in the confectionnary sector. The constant commitment, the steady investments, bring the company in a leading position in this sector.

La Confetteria del Cuore by Amarischia  has always been very careful to the selection of innovative products and premium quality ingredients . The complete range, satisfy both sight and taste thanks to the countless nuances of colors and pearlescent nuances.

The range "Classici", obtained from the best almond in the world "Avola", including those gluten free , represent the crown and the pride of our production.


The product line Cioccolieti, Ciocoblanc and Ciocamour, represent a more modern and tasteful type of dragées, where chocolate “meets “ the almond in an explosion of new flavours and perfumes.

490px Ciocoamour-3

Preziosi, one the strengh points of la "Confetteria del Cuore", are famous for the wide variety of dragées, rings, pearls, hearts, mini hearts, lentils and mini-lentils coated with edible gold and silver are ideal for special celebrations and cake decoration.

Amarischia Spot con Moretti

Amarischia Natale

Amarischia 3 film

Additional information

Registered Office of Amarichia is in ISCHIA (NA), Corso Vittoria Colonna 205.   

For further information about us please go on the main menu to the pargraph Our company.  Download the brochure of our company.

Our company

La Confetteria del Cuore is a registered trade mark of Amarischia spa.

Corso Vittoria Colonna 205
Ischia (NA) 

Ph. +39 081 5289221 / +39 081 8808400
Fax +39 081 5288972 / +39 081 8349393


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