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The Colours of “Heart“

For special events

The dragées , already known by ancient Romans , as a simple almond covered with honey and served to banquets feasts and most exclusive bridals , still exists in many coulours that correspond to different kind of ceremony , events and anniversary. 

White is the colour for Marriage , eucharist , confirmation , light blue or pink for baptism , green for engagement . In different colors those for graduation , usually corresponding to the colour of the typical hat ( feluche ).


per le ricorrenze Colori Del Cuore

Additional information

Registered Office of Amarichia is in ISCHIA (NA), Corso Vittoria Colonna 205.   

For further information about us please go on the main menu to the pargraph Our company.  Download the brochure of our company.

Our company

La Confetteria del Cuore is a registered trade mark of Amarischia spa.

Corso Vittoria Colonna 205
Ischia (NA) 

Ph. +39 081 5289221 / +39 081 8808400
Fax +39 081 5288972 / +39 081 8349393


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